Pyongyang ready to cease nuclear test for US halting joint military exercises, DPRK MFA

Pyongyang, SANA, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” DPRK” expressed readiness to cease its nuclear test and concluding a peace treaty in return for US. halt to joint military exercises with South Korea.
Korean Central News Agency “KCNA” quoted a spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement that its first successful H-bomb test was a just measure for self-defense to defend the sovereignty of the country and the right of the nation to live and ensure peace on the Korean Peninsula and regional security.

On January 7th, DPRK made a successful H-Bomb test when the country’s leader Kim Jong UN said then the test is a step in self-defense to defend the sovereignty of country in the face of the US threats of a nuclear war.
“As the DPRK had already clarified, it will bolster in every way the capabilities for nuclear attack and retaliation to cope with the U.S. ceaseless acts of infringing upon former’s sovereignty and perpetrating threatening provocations, but it will not deliberately use nuclear weapons”, the statement added.

The statement was concluded by reading..”Still valid are all proposals for preserving peace and stability in the peninsula and Northeast Asia including the ones for ceasing our nuclear test and concluding a peace treaty in return for U.S. halt to joint military exercises”.
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