Health Ministry: H1N1 flu infection and death rates in Syria no higher that world rates

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Damascus, SANA – H1N1 flu infection and death rates in Syria are no higher than international rates and are comparable to those in neighboring countries, said a Health Ministry official.

In his statement to SANA, Director of Communicable and Chronic Diseases Department Ahmad Dmeiriyeh noted that health directorates in the provinces are requested to detect and immediately report H1N1 suspected cases and cases of acute respiratory infection.

He said prevention measures taken by the Ministry include providing vaccines to the mostly susceptible categories of people, including pregnant women, the elderly and people with chronic diseases of different ages.

Vaccines are available also for medical cadres dealing with acute respiratory infection cases at hospitals, added Dmeiriyeh.

According to international statistics, 10 to 20 % of the world’s population can develop flu. The disease might develop into acute and sharp respiratory infections for 1 % of the cases, with 10 % of those might die.

Director of the Health Department of Homs province, Hassan al-Jindi, said 15 blood samples from suspected cases in hospitals in the province had been sent to the Central Laboratory in Damascus and all of them proved negative.

There has been no confirmation of any suspected cases of H1N1 flu pandemic in Homs since the beginning of this year, added al-Jindi.

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