Syria affirms commitment to cooperate with UN in delivering aid to civilians

New York, SANA-Acting Charge d’ Affairs of the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic in New York Munzer Munzer affirmed Syria’s commitment to cooperate with the UN and the International Red Cross  to deliver humanitarian aid to the civilians in all Syrian regions without any discrimination, including regions described by the UN as “besieged or difficult areas.”

“We sent two identical letters to the UN Secretary General and President of Security Council today about the humanitarian and relief act assumed by the Syrian government,” Munzer said at a Security Council session on “the state in the Middle East” on Friday.

He expressed regret because “There are sides which still insist to deal with the humanitarian issue from their narrow political agenda,” saying that “the problem lies in the fact that this is a politicization which contradicts with the directive principles and doesn’t serve the humanitarian act.”

“The success in offering the humanitarian aid requires full transparency and coordination with the Syrian government instead of criticizing it,” Munzer said, adding that the Syrian government has used all its capabilities in order to offer aid to the affected citizens.”

He made clear that the Syrian government has put and carried out, in cooperation with the UN, 6 humanitarian response plans, according to which aid has been delivered to millions of Syrians and it still assumes the biggest burden in the relief effort.

Munzer stressed that the Syrian government sent a note to the UN resident coordinator in Damascus on December 27th asking for delivering humanitarian aid to Madaya town, but there was no answer.

“We kindly ask the UN office to take what is necessary and as soon as possible to deliver medicine and oil as a priority, then delivering food after three days to Madaya, Kafrya and al-Foua’a, synchronizing with vacating the wounded, due to the bad living situation in these regions,” Munzer said quoting the letter of Foreign Ministry.

He affirmed that the Syrian government did not receive any response, taking into consideration that the amount of aid that entered that region reached 89 Lorries in the third batch.

Munzer affirmed that the Syrian government, in cooperation with the UN, has delivered three batches of humanitarian aid to civilians as of October 18th, 2015, and the latest of which was on Thursday.


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