Homs Governor: Governorate prepared to provide support to achieve goals of UNICEF projects

Homs, SANA – Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi asserted that the Governorate is prepared to provide all forms of support and facilitations to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) so that it can achieve the goals of its programs in Syria.

Meeting UNICEF resident director Agostino Paganini on Sunday evening, al-Barazi said that the current state of stability and security in the province will contribute to supporting UNICEF program in various areas, lauding the efforts exerted by the organization in Syria in general and Homs in particular.

He stressed the need to continue cooperation with UNICEF to achieve humanitarian goals, particularly after the successful efforts to evacuate civilians from Homs Old City and deliver humanitarian aid, in addition to all the help it provided in the Andalus care center.

Al-Barazi said current efforts are focused on providing care for children and prepare for the next school year.

For his part, Paganini said the UNICEF is committed to improving its presence in Homs in order to raise the level of humanitarian response of its programs, and that the organization is also committed to constant high-level coordination with the Governorate.

He also stressed the need for humanitarian aid to reach those who need it in all areas.

H. Sabbagh

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