Baath Party official: Erdogan-backed terrorists target Aleppo because of their failure

Damascus, SANA – Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal said the party’s view of solving the crisis in Syria is three-fold as it focuses on eliminating terrorism, holding dialogue among the Syrians and holding elections so as the Syrians come to choose who to govern them through the ballot boxes.

This view, al-Hilal noted in an interview with the Syrian TV channel aired on Thursday, was announced by the party’s Regional Secretary President Bashar al-Assad in his known initiative proposed on January 16, 2013.

Al-Hilal said those who attended the Saudi-brokered “opposition” conference in Riyadh included people who accepted to be subordinate to Syria’s enemies, through countries known for their hostility to the Syrian people like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, and leaders of terrorist groups who are involved in shedding the Syrian blood.

The Baath Party official, who is on a visit to Aleppo city, said Aleppo, being a commercial and industrial hub, has been a dream for Erdogan, who has robbed the city’s factories and looted its resources through the terrorist groups, but is now seeing his dream getting crushed after the Russian military involvement and the Syrian army’s advances.

Those groups, al-Hilal explained, hold grudge against Aleppo locals because of their adherence to the government and the Syrian army, which prompts the terrorists to shell the residential neighborhoods and schools and kill children, women and elderly people.


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