Russian Defense Ministry: Statements by US officials about Syria based on double standards

Moscow, SANA- Russia’s Defense Ministry asserted that the statements of US officials about Syria are based on double standards, expressing surprise as they seem not to notice how stolen oil by ISIS terrorists is smuggled into Turkey.

RT website quoted Major-General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the ministry as saying in a press statement:” When US officials say that they don’t notice how smuggled oil is transferred by terrorists to Turkey, this is more than mere cunning as it provides a direct cover to terrorists”.

Earlier, US State Department spokesman acknowledged that the photos presented by Russian military personnel showing hundreds of oil tanks for ISIS terrorists are real photos, yet he said he had not seen any crossings through which these oil tanks pass the Syrian- Turkish borders.

Illegal oil trade by terrorists was targeted by the Russian Air Force, with Konashenkov speaking of “12 oil pump stations, eight oil fields and refineries, and over 170 oil tanker trucks” destroyed over the past seven days.

He reminded that Russia has repeatedly warned of the danger of “flirting” with terrorists and stressed that this is a “short-sighted” policy that might have “bloody consequences in your streets and ours.”

The spokesman added that terrorism is “an absolute evil” that must be confronted.

Earlier this week, the Defense Ministry presented maps and satellite images that it said prove that Turkey is the main destination of the smuggled oil, accusing the country’s leadership, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of having financial ties with terrorists.

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