Army spokesman: The army advances in many areas, carries out 75 sorties on terrorist sites

Damascus, SANA- Spokesman of the Army and Armed Forces said on Wednesday that army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, achieved new progress in the war against terrorist organizations in Lattakia and Aleppo countryside while the army’s air force carried out scores of sorties that destroyed 150 targets in the northern, eastern and central regions.

“The army has expanded its control to the south of Harasta Road and established control over al-Mahalij area to the south of Marj al-Sultan and its farms in Eastern al-Ghouta after inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists,” the Spokesman said.

Army units destroyed 2 command centers of terrorist organizations in al-Abasyia and al-Arbae’en neighborhoods in Daraa al-Balad and eliminated members of terrorist groups, who infiltrated from al-Karak and Um Walad village towards al-Aslaha village in the countryside of Daraa and Sweida, according to the Spokesman.

” The army also inflicted heavy losses upon terrorist organizations in Atman, the eastern neighborhood of Busra al-Sham, the west of Harit al-Bajaja, al-Jumruk al-Qadim, Abu al-Nassr Villa, Beir Um al-Daraj, Qtifan Square, the south of Agriculture Bank and in the area surrounding Journalists’ building in Daraa al-Balad,” The spokesman added.

In the central province of Homs, the Army spokesman affirmed that the army’s operations ended up with destroying dens of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS terrorists in Tir Ma’ala, Mahin, Unk al-Hawa, Tadmour – al-Bayarat Road, al-Hilalia Farms, Mahras al-Deik, Howsh al-Zabadi, al-Amiria, Ayn Hussin al-Janobi and al-Shomaria mountains.

He pointed out that the army units killed more than 15 terrorists and injured many others who infiltrated from Sneisil towards Jborin town and From Um Sahrij village towards Maksar al-Hissan.

The army units also killed dozens of terrorists, injured many others and destroyed their fortified sites and positions in concentrated strikes against them in Kafr Zita, Ekirbat, Sarja and al-Sayad.

In Aleppo countryside, the spokesman said that army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, succeeded in breaching the defenses of the ISIS terrorist organization and broke the blockade on Kawiris Airport after heavy clashes, adding that the achievement is part of a series of successful operations that ended up with establishing control over Tal Na’am, Nou’ima, al-Nasseryeh, Jdeida, al-Jabboul, Tal Sab’in, al-Sheikh Ahmad, Kwairis Shamali and Kwairis Janoubi, al-Jahizia Housing and  the Academy Air Force.

The spokesman continued to say that the army reestablished control over al-Makhala and tightened its grip upon terrorist groups in al-hadir village, noting that army units, aided by the popular defense groups, continued their operations after establishing control over more than 250 Km² in the southwest countryside of Aleppo.

The spokesman added that army units are advance in the northern countryside of Lattakia province, establishing control over hills and important points at Camp al-Alman, Ketf Hassoun, and Ketf Dibeh.

Meanwhile, the army units positioned at Deir Ezzor Airport killed dozens of ISIS members who were trying to infiltrate from the eastern side of the airport, destroying 9 of their vehicles equipped with machineguns.

The Spokesman pointed out that the army’s air force carried out 75 sorties that destroyed 150 targets in the northern, eastern and central regions.

He affirmed that 3 ISIS’ sites in al-Jabria, Dikwana and South and east of Kawiris and more than 15 vehicles were destroyed in addition to their sites in Tal Faouri and Tal Ahmar in Aleppo countryside, a number of fortified sites belonging to Jabhat al-Nusra in Mourk, Lahyia, Kafr Nboda, al-Habit, al-Latamina and Atshan in Hama, 20 armored vehicles of ISIS in the area surrounding Mahin and to the east of Bayaarat-Tadmour in Homs countryside.


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