Iran and Belgium.. Political solution is the only solution to crisis in Syria

Tehran, SANA-Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Belgian counterpart Didier Reynders affirmed on Monday that solving the crisis in Syria will be through political means and dialogue, stressing that the fight against terrorism is a collective responsibility borne by the international community.

During a joint press conference held in Tehran, Zarif reiterated that only the Syrian people have the right to determine their own destiny, adding that Syrians does not bear alone the responsibility for combating terrorism but it’s a collective responsibility assumed by the international community.

Zarif demanded the international community to provide clarifications about the financial sources of terrorism, wondering how the terrorist groups can sell oil, who buy the oil from them and which banks receive their moneys and make it easy for terrorists to use it.
Zarif expressed regret for the “unacceptable deal” which some countries are doing with terrorist groups, which destroyed Syria and shed the blood of its people.

Despite our hope that the world will confront to the serious phenomenon of terrorism, but with deep regret some countries in our region and abroad are till now didn’t recognize that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and militancy are forming real threats, Zarif said.

In turn, Reynders confirmed that Iran has an important role in solving the crisis in Syria and combating terrorism in the region, pointing out that military ways are not useless in resolving crisis.
He expressed hope that international efforts which started lately will continue till finding a political solution for the crisis in Syria.
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