MFA..Alegations regarding army’s arbitrary use of weapons are baseless

Damascus, SANA – Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that, in the framework of the political consultations between Syria and Russian Federation, the issue of arbitrary use of weapons was raised and the Syrian side clarified that all the allegations and lies, promoted by hostile mediums conspiring on Syria, regarding Syrian Army and Armed Forces’ use of weapons arbitrarily within the efforts exerted to combat terrorism, are baseless.

The Ministry said, in a statement Monday, that the Syrian side stressed that the Syrian Arab Army will never ever use weapons arbitrarily within its continued efforts to combat terrorism and restore stability and security to Syria.

It added that the Syrian side stressed the importance that the countries supporting terrorism adhere to the implementation of UN Security Council terrorism-combating related resolutions and hint to their terrorist tools in Syria to abstain from the arbitrary use of weapons against the Syrian citizens.

Foreign Ministry: Bombing Syrian infrastructure by the so called “International Coalition” evil aggression

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry affirmed that bombing infrastructure in Syria by warplanes of the so called “International Coalition” which is led by the US is an evil aggression, reaffirming that launching airstrikes by US and its allies inside Syria is illegal.

In two identical letters sent to the UN Secretary General and the head of the UN Security Council, the ministry said that under the pretense of chasing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Coalition warplanes hit on Saturday 10th of October 2015 al-Radwania area which is located to the east of Aleppo city, targeting two thermal power stations.

The raids caused massive material damage in the two stations where losses are estimated at over1 billion Euros. The stations, the letters added, came out of service and a power outage took place in the area.

The ministry pointed out that the Coalition’s warplanes had also targeted the Directorate of al-Jabsa oil fields in the province of Hasaka on 12th of September 2015, al-Tabia oil well in Deir Ezzor on 25th of September 2015 and re-attacked the two wells on 5th of October 2015 and raided Sijan oil well No.146 on 13th of October 2015 and bombed the sites of al-Furat Company in al-Omar Field on 31st of October 2015. The field became dysfunctional and stopped supplying Deir Ezzor plant with electric power. The strikes also targeted the brick factory in Raqqa province which led to destruction of entire buildings.

The ministry concluded its letters by reaffirming that the coalition’s airstrikes inside Syria are illegal as they are done without the permission of or coordination with Syrian government, calling for ceasing these acts which are targeting the Syria’s infrastructure.

R. Milhem / Barry/Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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