Peskov: Russia’s operations contribute to preserving Syria’s territorial integrity

Moscow, SANA – Russia’s actions in Syria are intended to contribute to preserving the territorial and political integrity of Syria, Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov affirmed on Thursday.

SPUTNIK news agency quoted Peskov as saying to reporters that “Russia’s military operation in Syria contributes to greater stability and security in the region, which, in fact, is adjacent to Turkey’s borders.”

Peskov recalled that “before the operation by the Russian Armed Forces to support the Syrian Army,” the US-led coalition’s strikes in Syria has not a bit undermined ISIS, but on the contrary allowed the terrorist organization to expand its territory, which has destabilized the situation in the region.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman: Military operations in Syria aim at combating international terrorism

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova affirmed that Russian military operations in Syria aim at combating international terrorism without double standard, stressing that all the steps adopted by Russia in this regard will contribute to finding a political solution for the crisis.


During a press conference on Thursday in Moscow, Zakharova clarified that Western media outlets have begun to be more objective in covering Russian airstrikes in Syria. “But there remain attempts to cast doubts on Russia’s commitment to the task of eliminating international extremism and terrorism,” she added.

She pointed out that Russia informed all its partners that its air force is only targeting international terrorism, indicating that it has more than once reaffirmed that it will not carry out a ground offensive in Syria.

Russian military operations in Syria came at the request of the Syrian state, she said, pointing out that Russian President Vladimir Putin had called on for coordination in combating terrorism in one front as Russia submitted a draft resolution at the UN Security Council to invite the countries in the region and various countries of the world to unite their efforts in fighting terrorism which refutes all the rumors that Russia is seeking to achieve its interests.

The Spokesperson pointed out that Russia had repeatedly affirmed the importance of cooperation with international partners, including Turkey, to solve the crisis in Syria, adding that whatever queries Turkey might have can be resolved through dialogue and communication between the two countries.

Zakharova saw that the return of contacts between Russian and US defense ministries offers a solid foundation for the possibility of combating terrorism and reaching a political settlement for the crisis in Syria.

She warned of the terrorist threat that ISIS poses which is threatening the entire world, noting that Russia is always open to joint work with everybody on the basis of international law and UN Charter.

Lavrov, Kerry discuss crisis in Syria

In a relevant context, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed with his US counterpart, John Kerry, in a telephone call, means of solving the crisis in Syria and coordinating efforts against ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

“The two ministers also discussed efforts to avoid any accident in airspace and activating the political process in Syria according to Geneva communiqué of 2012,” SPUTNIK news agency quoted Russian Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement.

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