Updated-Al-Jaafari: International change on Syria prompted by the Syrian army

New York, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said on Wednesday there are signs and indications beyond doubt on an international change regarding the crisis in Syria.

This change took place because the Syrian Arab army has asserted itself on the ground and because the Syrian government has handled the crisis with utmost cleverness and diplomacy, al-Jaafari told Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel in an interview on Wednesday.

He said the Syrian state does not mind going to Geneva 3 as long as it would not be “a return to zero point” but a point where the Syrians will have reached “a consensual settlement” on Syria’s future.

He added that there is also no problem in going for Moscow 3 to complete the schedule adopted in Moscow 2 before reaching Geneva 3.

“The Syrian people and government will never accept any solution imposed from abroad,” said al-Jaafar, adding that “We, as Syrians, do not need a broker to lead us to safety.”

Asked about the Russia’s role in solving the crisis, he said the Russia side has the ability to talk to all of the parties and a perspective that respects the UN Charter and the Geneva 1 principles.

Moscow, he added, has realized the western countries’ real will which contradicts their statements, especially after the outbreak of the Syrian refugees crisis, and that the west wants to increase its military intervention in Syria on the pretext of fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization.

Al-Jaafari underlined that Tehran and Moscow are Syria’s allies and there is coordination among the allies, stressing the importance of Tehran attending in Geneva 3 conference.

The Syrian Ambassador to the UN replied in the affirmative to a question about the possibility that Russia raises the level of its military involvement in Syria, explaining that Russia realizes the danger of the terror spread to Russia and China if the West fails in fighting ISIS.

Al-Jaafari referred to a change in the atmosphere prevailing at the UN on Syria, mainly on the level of many ambassadors, who had previously suspected the Syrian government’s stance during UN discussions and have recently changed their mind.

What prompted the French, the Americans and the British to change their conviction and attitude on the Syrian crisis, he said, was their failure to invoke military intervention in Syria through all the pretexts of the chemical weapons use and the issues of the displaced, the refugees and the humanitarian file.

Al-Jaafari however cited Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s UN delegations as the sides that still try to instigate the public opinion inside the UN against Syria, stressing that the two delegations’ talk has much receded as “everybody now knows that the Saudi and Qatari roles are negative ones.”

M.Nassr/Mazen/H. Said

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