Economy Minister: Government aware of scale of crisis affecting citizens’ living conditions

Damascus, SANA – Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Humam Jazaeri said that the government is fully aware of the scale of the crisis affecting the citizens’ living conditions, and that the government is working hard to improve these conditions.

Meeting representatives of local media outlets on Wednesday, Jazaeri said that the government adopted an approach based on economic development for strengthening Syria’s defensive capabilities.

The Minister reviewed the effects of the current crisis on Syrian economy, noting that the biggest challenge throughout the five years of the crisis has been providing food, consumer products, and medicine for citizens via importation to make up for the damage done to the chain of production locally, and now that production is starting up again, the challenge is to keep it going and expanding it.

He pointed out that Syria’s economy has managed to adapt to the crisis despite all challenges and pressure, and that despite the difficult circumstances, the government is still paying wages to state employees.

Jazaeri added that as indicators of economic recovery began to appear in 2015, new challenges emerged including the shutting of border crossing points, which affected production and exports.

He concluded by stressing the need to bolster elements of economic and commercial investment to achieve growth and development in order to support the Syrian Arab Army in its battle against terrorism and to improve the living conditions of citizens with limited income.

Hazem Sabbagh

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