Information Minister meets Tunisian delegation, affirms that Syria will defeat terrorism

Damascus, SANA – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi on Wednesday met a delegation of Tunisian activists and journalists, affirming to them that Syria with its army, people, and leadership will emerge victorious over terrorism and its supporters.

Al-Zoubi said that the political track is essential for resolving the crisis in Syria, but it cannot succeed without combating terrorism, asserting that Syria is being targeted due to its adherence to its sovereignty at a time when many other Arab states have relinquished their sovereignty.

He also said that events show a connection between terrorism and extremism on one side and the Israeli occupation on the other side, adding that Syrian mass media has managed to confront misdirection campaigns and the attempts to silence the voices telling the truth about what is happening Syria.

Regarding the issue of refugees, the Minister voiced sadness over the tragic events that befall Syrians abroad, holding European governments responsible to them due to their negligence and their role in escalating the situation in Syria which pushed citizens to leave their homes.

In a statement to SANA after the meeting, the delegation’s coordinator Moaz Ali said that they came to Syria bearing a message of solidarity from the Tunisian people, and that they witnessed firsthand the Syrian people’s resilience and their love for life, noting that the Syrians’ determination to live their lives normally proves that they will emerge victorious and overcome the crisis.


Hazem Sabbagh

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