Homs Governorate discusses reconstruction of Baba Amro neighborhood

Homs, SANA, Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi discussed on Monday with members of Homs City Council the proposed project to reconstruct the neighborhoods of Baba Amro, al-Sultaniyeh and Joubar in Homs city.

During an exceptional session with Homs City Council, al-Barazi stressed the importance of depending on local initiatives and experiences as they reduce charges on the government, pointing out to the Council’s intention to cancel decree no. 26 regarding Baba Amro neighborhood and include it in decree no. 66 which secures the rights of all property owners.

Al-Barazi pointed out that the areas which will be organized will not only be for the neighborhoods’ residents, but to all citizens in the province.

He called on the City Council to work more and avoid mistakes that hinder work, stressing the necessity of holding all negligent workers accountable with no favoritism.

The governor affirmed the need for reviving the economic cycle in the city which is the matter that will reflect positively on the citizens.

For his part, Dr. Mzahem Zain-Eddin who proposed the project said that the organizational chart of Baba Amro neighborhood is based on the constructional safety reports offered by General Construction Company.

He pointed out that reorganizing Baba Amro neighborhood alone will not affect the organizational chart of Homs city as a whole.

B. Mousa/ F. Allafi

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