Syrian-Egyptian military coordination is an urgent need, Egyptian military expert says

Cairo, SANA Syrian-Egyptian cooperation and coordination on all levels, mainly the military one, are an urgent need to uproot terrorism, Egyptian military expert, retired Maj. Gen. Talat Mosalem said Saturday.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Cairo, Gen. Mosalem said the Syrian-Egyptian coordination is a necessity whether in the current events and war on terrorism or others as Syria and Egypt have joint history and culture.

‘Syria and Egypt are facing the same schemes and one Takfiri mercenary enemy linked with the west’ he said, adding that what is taking place in Sinai is similar to what is happening in the Syrian provinces.

He hailed the Syrian and Egyptian armies as the defenders of the Arab Nation in the face of the dangers of partitioning, terrorism, Takfiri schemes.
H. Zain/ Barry

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