Druze spiritual leadership in Syria: Transgressions upon national standards impermissible

Sweida, SANA – The spiritual leadership of the Druze in Syria said that it’s impermissible to transgress upon or commit offenses against national standards, which are the homeland, its leader, its unity, the state and its establishments, the Syrian Arab Army, coexistence, and civil peace.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the spiritual leadership, which is comprised of senior Sheikh al-Akel (Druze religious figures), called upon Syrians to be united in words and deeds and stand against injustice and obscurantism to preserve Syria and its people from the Takfiri threat.

The statement said that Syria is facing a methodical campaign that is full of hatred, sectarianism, and division, and that threatens civil peace, coexistence, and national unity, and this makes it necessary to adhere to national standards and to Syria’s unity.

The spiritual leadership said that many erroneous practices have become widespread in terms of religious, moral, social, and nationalist behavior, and these practices threaten the legacy of tolerance, compassion, and coexistence set by the ancestors.

The statement denounced the recent criminal acts that targeted the clans of Sweida province, who are an integral part of civil society, and who are known for their strong patriotic stances and commitment to the Syrian identity, calling for holding the ones responsible for these crimes accountable according to the law.

The statement concluded by asserting that the clans are inseparable part of Sweida’s social fabric, call on everyone to remain in their lands and not be led to immigration and displacement.

Hazem Sabbagh

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