Labor Minister reiterates condemnation of lack of int’l action to deter terrorists and Israeli occupation authorities

Geneva, SANA – Syria reiterated its condemnation of the lingering international silence on the crimes which terrorist organizations commit against the Syrian society, targeting all its human, infrastructure, economic and cultural capabilities.

The condemnation was voiced by Minister of Labor Khalaf Sleiman al-Abdulla in a speech he delivered in Syria’s name during the meeting of the General Assembly of the International Labor Conference (ILC), currently held in Geneva.

He updated the conference on the latest legislations and measures issued in Syria to the effect of protecting and preserving the rights of the workers, which have been grossly violated by the terrorists whose attacks spared neither the lives nor the livelihood of the Syrian workers.

The Minister cited the overhauling of the legal system of the labor market and the amending of the social insurance law to expand coverage rate to include all workers, among several other measures.

Al-Abdulla used the opportunity of the meeting to condemn Israel’s constant violations of the International Labor Organization’s decisions pertaining to the rights of workers and employers and child labor in the occupied Syrian Golan.

He also referred to the Israeli occupation measures of land confiscation, seizure of water sources and imposing restrictions on agricultural production by farmers in the Golan, occupied by Israel since 1967.

The 104th session of the ILC started on June 1st and lasts till June 13th. Representatives from 185 states are taking part in the conference.

Qabas /H. Said

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