President al-Assad issues law suspending deduction of loan payments from sponsors of deserters

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday issued Law No. 14 for 2014 on suspending the deduction of payments for loans taken by military deserters from their military sponsors.

This bill will stop the deduction of funds from the paycheck of individuals in the military, both who are in active duty and retired personnel, who sponsored other military personnel who deserted or went AWOL.

This also exempts the pensions of deceased sponsors that are received by their heirs.

As per this law, the banks will take the necessary legal steps to procure the loans for deserters, including confiscating transferred and non-transferred funds of deserters, and/or their spouses and children, or registering a financial obligation for them that are collected later.

Finance Minister Ismail Ismail told SANA that this law was issued to show appreciation for Syrian Army personnel who were paying funds on behalf of deserters who betrayed their country and sided with Syria’s enemies, taking into account that a number of sponsors were martyred and their families and children pay the price of the deserters’ betrayal.

Ismail said this law permits the legal prosecution of deserters and their spouses and children for collecting the debts they owe to the loan-givers.

H. Sabbagh

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