Syrians abroad: International silence on ISIS massacres is betrayal of human values

Prague/Madrid, SANA – The gruesome massacre which the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) committed against hundreds of residents of Palmyra city drew strong condemnations from Syrian communities abroad.

At least 400 civilians have been slaughtered and their bodies were mutilated at the hands of ISIS terrorists since they attacked the city, located in the central Homs province, days ago.

Appalling as it is, the massacre however has failed to draw any commendation from the international community up to the level of the scale of its hideousness.

Syrians in the Czech Republic questioned the “suspicious silence” of the Western capitals on ISIS massacre, saying in a statement that this silence indicates “betrayal” of the international human, moral and religious values.

The statement held Turkey and some Gulf and Western states, on top the US, responsible for the horrific crimes committed by ISIS and other terrorist organizations due to those countries’ continued support to the terrorists.

In the same context, Syrian expatriates in Spain and the Syrian-Spanish Businessmen Association denounced the international community’s “collusion” with regard to the terrorist acts in Syria, which include, besides the killings, the destruction of historical and archeological artifacts and monuments like those in Palmyra.

Haifa Said

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