China supports political solution to crisis in Syria

Beijing, (SANA) China expressed support for  reaching a political solution to the crisis in Syria, asserting that the future of Syria must be determined only by the Syrian people.

China’s News Agency Xinhua quoted the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying as saying in a routine briefing  Monday, that Beijing attaches great importance to the political settlement of the crisis in Syria.

Hua stressed that China has five “musts” suggestion on this issue. The “musts” are: the issue of Syria must be resolved through political means; the future of Syria must be decided by its own people; an inclusive political transition process must be promoted; national reconciliation and Syria’s unity must be achieved in Syria.

She stressed that the spread of the terrorist and extremist forces has posed a real threat in Syria, other countries  and even countries outside the region.

Hua urged the international community to pay high attention for boosting cooperation on dealing with this risk and to care for solving the crisis in Syria.

The Chinese spokeswoman pointed out that Beijing supported and is still supporting the UN mediation efforts for solving the crisis in Syria.

She expressed hope that a  successor  will be appointed soon to take the place of the UN former envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi  so as to maintain and enhance the momentum of a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

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