UN Resident Coordinator: The largest humanitarian process in Syria is carried out by Syrians themselves

Damascus, SANA- Damascus, SANA – UN Resident Coordinator in Syria Yaqoub al-Hilo said the Syrian state is a founding member of the United Nations “UN” and that the UN presence in Syria is upon an invitation by the Syrian Government and it is governed by the international laws and norms and the approval of the Syrian Government.

In an interview with the Syrian al-Ikhbariyeh TV on Tuesday, al-Hilo said that the largest humanitarian process in Syria is being carried out by the Syrians themselves and the Syrian state institutions are still working as usual and they provide services for a large number of civilians even in the areas which are “not under the state’s control”.

Our responsibility as the UN is to work in this generous country and to search for all possible ways to deliver aid to the affected people even though sometimes it comes at the expense of the security and the safety of the UN personnel and our partners in Syria such as the Syrian Arab Red Crescent “SARC” and other humanitarian organizations, al-Hilo added.

He went on saying that the UN personnel respect Syria’s sovereignty despite the exceptional circumstances and they don’t forget that Syria, as it used to be before the crisis, the third-largest refugee hosting country in the world, and that Syria represents humanity at its best, affirming that the UN should preserve this fact and that the security and stability of Syria can’t be manipulated, because it would be a manipulation of the security and safety of the whole world.

Al-Hilo indicated that the member states of the UN Security council, which is tasked with managing the work of the UN, has been convinced that there is a war imposed on Syria and the major concern is to deliver the humanitarian aid to many of the war-torn Syrian areas because the goal is to reach every Syrian who is in need for this aid through direct cooperation with the state institutions concerned with providing the humanitarian services to the Syrian citizens in all the domains.

He said that the Syrian people haven’t surrendered and they haven’t said that the crisis don’t have a solution, but to the contrary they are still staying in their homeland and they are trying through all the possible means to guarantee a decent livelihood and this is one of the most important issues which we focus on in the current time as employees at the UN Developmental Program “UNDP” in Syria.

He pointed out that through consulting with the Syrian Government over the past few months, the UNDP has been able to reconsider the spheres that should be focused on in the coming period, which are the projects of capacity building of the Syrian national institutions tasked with providing the required services to the Syrian citizens in a way that reflects a “a very important qualitative leap.”

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