Premier al-Halqi: Collective efforts to handle difficulties facing pharmaceutical sector

Damascus, SANA_ Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi affirmed Thursday the necessity of exerting joint efforts by governmental and private bodies to handle the difficulties facing pharmaceutical sector, develop it and enhance its position in international markets.

During a meeting with the National Council of Pharmaceutical Industries in Syria, the Premier pointed out that protecting national industry, particularly pharmaceutical industry, is a basic and strategic goal for the government which relies on it for providing medicine for citizens, pharmacies and hospitals.

The Premier said the government is encouraging medical research to produce new medicines with competitive ability on the international level, stressing the necessity of controlling prices in pharmacies.

The damage wrought to the health and pharmaceutical sectors and stealing pharmaceutical factories by terrorist organizations led to massive losses, he said. “But industrialists are bent on continuing work and production.”

He indicated that the pharmaceutical sector is an “economic and social source of power” because it generates thousands of job opportunities and helps in developing national economy and achieving social stability.

The participants also discussed challenges facing pharmaceutical industry in Syria, the economic repercussions of the war and the unjust economic blockade.

Before the crisis, the pharmaceutical sector in Syria covered nearly 93 per cent of the local market needs and used to export to as many as 57 countries. The percentage dropped to 89 percent due to terrorist attacks against the pharmaceutical sector.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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