“Road to the Sun” musical story..an optimistic view of a history of struggle leading to victory

Damascus, SANA – “We, the Syrians, are present, and will be always there carrying a message of love.” This is the confidant message which a soon-to-be-performed musical aims to send through the stage of Damascus Opera House, as it came in the words of director Mamdouh al-Atrash.

With its script written in the Syrian dialect, the “Road to the Sun” Musical show tells a Syrian story per excellence featuring a long history of the struggle of “a nation that has always come out victorious over its enemies,” said al-Atrash, addressing a press conference held at the House on Wednesday.

The setting, he explained, is based on a real story in 1896 under the Ottoman occupation whose main characters led a life of pain and grief but revolted and fought hard until they won.

The Musical’s version of the story outlines the Syrian people’s history of struggle and adherence to their identity and land throughout the periods of the Ottoman, and later, the French occupation up to the present time with all the attacks targeting the Syrians in their identity and civilization nowadays, the director said.

“By a ‘Road to the Sun’ title, we seek to give an image of the Syrian people walking the road towards light and victory,” al-Atrash added.

He spoke of the work, whose performance on stage will take place on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May, as being aimed at highlighting both the aesthetics of art and a history that is filled with stages of heroism and victories over the enemies.

The play’s main actress Noura Rahhal, who is a renowned singer, expressed pleasure to have had the opportunity to be part of the play.

She found it very necessary to present a musical show at this time where the audience, who is the Syrian people that have been under a savage terrorist war for over four years, is in utmost need for a breathing space with an optimistic view of life.

“The biggest form of resistance is that when people insist to go on and continue work in the harshest of times, since each one of us shares the responsibility of fighting in one way or another to make their voice heard,” Rahhal said.

The play’s script writer Kifah al-Khouss said the work has a view of bringing to life the values of resistance and struggle and providing a clear definition of the enemy and the revolutionary.

R. Milhem/H. Said

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