President al-Assad grants Cards of Honor to relatives of martyrs, missing and disabled people

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad issued Thursday Legislative Decree no. 20 for 2015 granting “Cards of Honor” to the relatives of the martyrs, missing and disabled people.

The decree provides that those cards can be granted to the spouses, children and parents of martyrs and missing people in the course of the military operations carried out in the fight against the terrorist organizations.

These cards can also be bestowed upon those same kinsperons of people who die in cases equal in status to the aforementioned reason or those killed at the hands of the terrorist gangs or the “hostile elements”.

People who get fully disabled due to the abovementioned causes are also eligible for these cards as long as they still receive a salary, along with their spouses, children and parents.

Parents of martyrs and missing people due to the same reasons above can be granted these cards even if they no longer receive a salary.

The “Cards of Honor” provides free of charge medical services, including treatment, surgeries and hospitalization and a 50 % discount on the costs of public and joint sector transportation.

Haifa Said

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