Cham Wings Airlines preparing to run flights to Dubai and Europe

Damascus, SANA- After launching its first flight to Kuwait on April 26th, Cham Wings Airlines announced on Tuesday that it is preparing to run flights to Dubai and Europe.

Cham Wings Airline ran its first flight to Kuwait on Sunday as part of plans to spread its external flights to neighboring countries, the Arab Gulf and Europe.

Regional Director of the company in Kuwait Muntaser Khalil said an A320 Airbus, which accommodates up to 156 passengers, will run 3 flights per week between Damascus and Kuwait due to the large number of the Syrians staying in Kuwait which is estimated at 177,000, with the possibility of increasing the number of flights depending on market demand.

Director of Business Development at Cham Wings Usama Sate’a said that the first flight of the company to Dubai is scheduled on May 14th, while Commercial Director of the company Nizar Sulieman noted that the company intends to run flights to Europe due to the presence of large Syrian communities in Europe which need direct flights to Damascus instead of landing in other countries’ airports and commuting to Syria from there.

Cham Wings Airlines, which has provided considerable support the state-owned SyrianAir airlines, was established in 2008, and after halting operations in 2012 due to sanctions and the circumstances at the time, it resumed operations in 2014. It currently runs direct flights on daily basis from Damascus to Qamishli within Syria and regular flights from Damascus to al-Najaf in Iraq and from Damascus to Istanbul via Beirut.

Reem/Hazem Sabbagh

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