Event marking Independence Day held in Yabroud city, Qalamoun

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Amid wide popular participation, an event was held Saturday in Yabroud city in the countryside of Damascus marking Independence Day.

Independence Day refers to the evacuation of the last French soldier from Syria and the end of the French colonial mandate of Syria on April 17, 1946.

The gathering of the residents of Yabroud city, which is located in Qalamoun area where terrorists infiltrate from the Lebanese border, showed an example of the unique national unity binding the Syrian people and their deep care for protecting their homeland against Takfiri thinking, the driving force of the terrorist organizations fighting in Syria.

The people’s adherence to national unity, which has proved unshakable throughout the four-year crisis in the country, was highlighted by officials who attended the event.

Those included senior representatives of al-Baath Arab Socialist Part, a number of ministers and MPs and Governor of Damascus Countryside.

The attendees hailed in particular the resilience of the residents of Yabroud, who have showed dodged determination to ward off terrorism and keep sedition away from their city as much as possible.

Haifa Said

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