Third mural featuring WHO’s food safety theme displayed on school fence in Rukn Eddin

Damascus, SANA – Coinciding with the World Health Day, a group of arts students and teachers completed Thursday a mural on the fence of a school compound in Rukn Eddin area in Damascus.

The mural, which was displayed in the presence of the Resident Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Syria, featured the food safety theme which the WHO declared as this year’s theme for World Health Day. It also embodied pieces of advice on food safety.

The mural included a main 4 m² painting, in addition to another 14 paintings reflecting the five commandments to be followed to ensure food safety.

Minister of Education Hazwan al-Waz described the mural as a “creative” initiative on the participants’ part, clarifying that the mural is made of remains of unused materials that were recycled and shaped in an aesthetic and artistic way.

He noted in a press statement that the mural is the third of its kind in Syria as two murals were formerly painted on the fences of Bassam Hamsho School in al-Tijara neighborhood and Nahla Zeidan School in Mazzeh area. The latter set a Guinness record for the largest mural made of recycled materials.

WHO Resident Representative Elizabeth Hoff appreciated the work of those who took part in making the mural, particularly the children, saying this shows their ability to understand the message of food safety and correctly convey it to their families and society.


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