Exhibition on Applied arts inaugurated in Damascus Citadel

Damascus, SANA, Minister of Culture Lubana Mshaweh inaugurated Thursday an exhibition for the students of Technical Institute of Applied Arts at Damascus Citadel.
Mshaweh told reporters that those distinguished students keep the civilization and develop it through their gradate projects and works that promote up to be professional.

“One of the Ministry’s priorities is to preserve the Syrian glorious and original pottery art and teach the right basic elements of this art in a way that entitles our students to own the true tools of expression,” the Minister said.
The exhibition displays the students’ works which are related to history and its original art.

Director of the Applied Arts’ Institute Kahtan Talla said the Institute was established in 1986 with the target of teaching the ancient and heritage applied arts through merging them with development to keep the heritage and transform it to the coming generations.

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