UNHCR office opens in Sweida province

Sweida, SANA. An office for the UN High Commissioner for Refugee Affairs (UNHCR) was opened on Wednesday in Sweida province with the aim of delivering humanitarian aid to southern provinces.

During the opening, Social Affairs Minister Dr. Kinda al-Shammat said this office will help provide aid to those who need it in Sweida, Daraa, and Quneitra, and that this is the first office for an international organization in the area.

She said the Ministry decided to focus on training workers ate temporary housing centers who help displaced citizens.

In turn, Sweida Governor Atef al-Naddaf said that the office will cooperate closely with the relief subcommittee in the province to ensure the success of humanitarian work and relief distribution.

Head of the UNHCR mission in Syria Tarek al-Kurdi said that this office will expand the organization’s activities in the southern regions, and that an in-depth study of temporary housing centers has been carried out by the UNHCR and began taking steps to improve them.

Following the opening, a training workshop organized by the Social Affairs Ministry and the UNHCR kicked off. The 4-day workshop is dedicated to evaluating humanitarian needs and managing housing centers.

Afterwards, al-Shammat and al-Kurdi visited housing centers in the Al-Baath Vanguards camp, Ein al-Zaman shrine, and the local Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

H. Sabbagh

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