Attorneys: 959 people benefitted amnesty in Damascus, 158 in Lattakia, 63 in Sweida

Provinces, SANA. Damascus First Attorney General Ahmad Zaher al-Bakri said the total of people who benefited fully from the general amnesty provided by legislative decree no. 22 for 2014 in Damascus Justice Department is 959 detainees, while 240 benefited from it partially.

Al-Bakri told SANA that the Justice Department has been working hard to implement the amnesty, which as of June 16th has fully benefitted 20 at the peace penal courts, 55 at the initial penal courts, 2 from the juvenile criminal court, 10 from investigation departments, 54 from reference departments, 26 from criminal courts, 120 from the Attorney General office, 22 from penal sentences, 11 at the Women’s Prison, 96 at Damascus Prison, and 543 detained by various security departments.

Lattakia Attorney General: 159 people benefitted from amnesty

Meanwhile, Lattakia Attorney General Suhaila Ibrahim told SANA’s correspondent that a total of 159 people benefitted from the amnesty, and that other files are currently being studied.

17 prisoners released in Sweida

Attorney General in Sweida Asaad al-Sayyaf said that 17 prisoners were released as per the general amnesty decree, and with that the total number of released prisoners in the province reached 63.

Al-Sayyaf told SANA that work of studying cases of the detainees are continued to include all those who benefit from the amnesty.

Settling cases of 53 gunmen after turning themselves in to authorities in Homs

Cases of 53 gunmen were settled after they had turned themselves in and handed over their weapons to authorities in Homs, a source in the province said Tuesday.

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