Hallaq, Akbari discuss joint media cooperation

Damascus,SANA-Information Minister,Boutros Hallaq discussed Wednesday with Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Syria, Hossein Akbari, bilateral relations between the two countries, especially in the media scope and ways to develop, enhance and advance media cooperation.

Syrian, Iranian sides asserted during the meeting the strong ties binding the two countries and that based on solid and durable principles

Relations between Syria and Iran are strong and based on human and moral values link the two peoples, Minister Hallaq said pointing out that the media must keep pace with political relations.

Minister of Information asserted  that targeting the resistance is not targeting a specific country, but rather a comprehensive targeting, pointing out that the danger of the media lies in the fact that it is able to influence and change the trends of public opinion, because the war on the axis of resistance was represented by different aspects and methods.

Minister Hallaq confirmed that there is extensive coordination between the Syrian and Iranian media outlets to confront hostile campaigns against the two countries.

He stressed the need to establish joint media projects, seminars and conferences during which common media topics are discussed, in addition to forming a joint working team to follow up aspects of cooperation between the two countries and keep abreast of regional and international events to serve the orientations of the axis of resistance.

In turn, the Iranian ambassador said that there is pivotal cooperation and coordination between Syria and Iran in all fields and on all regional and international fronts, stressing that Syria has a pivotal role and serves as the pillar of the fortress of resistance.

Fedaa al-Rahai

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