Russia hits Ukrainian military-industrial sector’s energy sites in precision strike

MOSCOW, SANA-Russia delivered a combined strike by precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles against Ukrainian energy sites in retaliation to Kiev’s attempts to damage its energy facilities, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Thursday.

“In retaliation to the Kiev regime’s attempts to damage Russia’s energy facilities, Russian troops delivered a combined strike by air-launched long-range precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles against Ukrainian energy sites providing for the production of armament and military hardware for the Ukrainian army. The goals of the strike were achieved. All the designated targets were struck,” the ministry said in a statement.

Ukrainian army loses 290 troops in Kharkov area over past day

TASS said that the Ukrainian army lost roughly 290 troops and a US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launcher in battles with Russian forces in the Kharkov area over the past day, the ministry reported.

“Battlegroup North units kept advancing deep into the enemy’s defenses. They inflicted damage on manpower and equipment of the Ukrainian 36th marine infantry, 120th and 127th territorial defense and 13th National Guard brigades in areas near the settlements of Tikhoye, Volchansk, Glubokoye and Liptsy in the Kharkov Region,” the ministry said.

The Ukrainian army’s losses in the Kharkov direction over the past 24 hours amounted to 290 personnel, three motor vehicles, a US-made M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launcher, a German-made 155mm Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzer, two 152mm D-20 howitzers, a 122mm D-30 howitzer and a US-manufactured AN/TPQ-50 counterbattery radar station, it specified.

Mazen Eyon

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