Syrian, Iranian talks on developing joint economic cooperation

Tehran, SANA- Syrian ambassador to Tehran, Dr. Shafiq Dayoub, and Chairman of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce, Muhammad Abu al-Huda al-Lahham and his accompanying delegation discussed with the head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Minerals and Agriculture, Samad Hassanzadeh, ways to enhance and develop economic relations between Syria and Iran.

Ambassador Dayoub pointed out to the political and historical relations between Syria and Iran, stressing Syria’s full readiness to provide facilitation to economic investors for the purpose of investment.

The Ambassador explained that the efforts are being made to solve problems related to transferring funds , preferential trade, cancellation of customs fees and free trade between the two countries, noting the importance of establishing a leadership role for private sector cooperation between Syria and Iran.

Regarding the unjust sanctions imposed by the US on Iran and Syria, He said: “To confront these sanctions and rebuild Syria, businessmen in the two countries must stand side by side, particularly in the fields of energy, oil, gas, electricity,” noting the new investment law in 2021, which facilitated the investment process in Syria.

In turn, Hassanzadeh stressed the readiness of Iranian private sector to cooperate in rebuilding the infrastructure and industrial and investment sectors in Syria that were destroyed by the war.

He added that developing economic cooperation requires establishing regular transportation lines and banking exchanges between the two countries, and removing all obstacles that prevent this.

Manar Salameh

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