Syrian Arab Army marks 78th anniversary of Evacuation Day

Damascus / SANA – Syrian armed forces celebrated the seventy-eighth anniversary of the evacuation of the last foreign soldier from the homeland.

Marking this occasion, the commanders of the units and formations gave speeches in which they spoke about the symbolism of the Evacuation Day, stressing that the memory of this day is still alive and immortal in the conscience of the honorable and free people of the nation.

The commanders pointed out that this anniversary  comes today while our country is still facing the forces of aggression that are sparing no effort to undermine Syria’s steadfastness and its positions in the face of their old and new colonial projects aimed at controlling the peoples of the region and plundering their resources.

At the end of their speeches, the leaders affirmed that the evacuation process will continue and will become clearer and stronger through the steadfastness of the Syrians, and bravery of their army, along with the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, pledging that the track of grandfathers and fathers who achieved independence with their sacrifices will be strengthened by the completion of the liberation of Syrian soil from terrorism and all forms of occupation.

The celebrations included military parades and various training in military units and barracks.

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