Arnous: Necessity to pay attention to investment partnerships between Syria and Iran

Tehran, SANA-Prime Minister Engineer Hussein Arnous stressed the need to pay attention to productive and investment partnerships between Syria and Iran.

Arnous indicated in a press statement at the end of the discussions and the signing of agreements and memorandums of understanding between the Syrian and Iranian sides, to the common determination of the two countries to enhance bilateral cooperation, implement what was agreed upon, and follow up on the understandings and agreements agreed upon by the leadership of the two countries during President Ibrahim Raisi’s visit to Syria and his meeting with President Bashar al-Assad.

He condemned the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and its attacks on Syrian lands, pointing out that the American and Turkish occupations in northern and eastern Syria are plundering the Syrian people’s resources of oil, wheat and water.

Arnous explained that during the last period, notable efforts were made by all ministries and concerned authorities in Syria, as well as by the Iranian side, to put what was agreed upon into practical implementation, especially with regard to the axes that were characterized by priority in terms of speed of implementation.

The Prime Minister pointed out that an expanded dialogue was held in Tehran today, which led to a set of agreements and understandings covering the areas of commercial, banking, tourism, sports, cultural and documentary cooperation, indicating that there is a consensus between the two sides to accelerate the results of the follow-up in light of the importance of the time factor and investing it in the interest of raising the level of cooperation between the two friendly countries.


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