Dandi: Israeli occupation aggression pushes region into dangerous escalation

New York, SANA- Acting Charge de’ Affairs of Syria’s delegation to the United Nations, Al-Hakam  Dandi, said that it is regrettable awaiting 50 days to reach a temporal and partial cease of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the brutal killing machine that perpetrated war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“The Israeli occupation goes far in its aggression on Syrian territory, the latest of which was the attack on Damascus international airport, and this requires from the UN Security Council to condemn these acts, stop them and bring their perpetrators, who push the region into a dangerous escalation, to justice,” Dandi said at UNSC session on the humanitarian and political situation in Syria.

On the Syrian refugee’s file, Dandi said that Syria welcomes the return of all displaced and refugees who will enjoy all rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

“The return of the refugees requires from the countries that supported terrorism not to impede the State’s efforts, increase the early recovery projects and fund the efforts of dismantling mines,” Dandi said.

He added that the West is politicizing the humanitarian file in Syria through putting preconditions and non-commitment of the donor countries to respond to the humanitarian projects.

“The U.S. continues its hostile policy against the Syrian people, plunders their national resources, back separatist militias and recruit terrorist groups in al-Tanf region to destabilize situation in the country,” Dandi said.

The Syrian diplomat concluded by saying that time has come for the western states to reconsider their hostile policies against Syria and adopt a humanitarian political approach through adhering to the respect for Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Mazen Eyon

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