President al-Assad’s visit to China affirms Syria’s commitment to owing its national decision_ Russian diplomats

Moscow, SANA- Two Russian diplomats affirmed that President Bashar al-Assad’s visit to the People’s Republic of China is a sign of Syria’s adherence to its independent national decision, stressing that it represents an image of the new approach in the region that seeks to build more just and equitable relations for its countries.

“President al-Assad’s visit to China and discussions with its leadership constitute a new factor in the development of the situation in the Middle East”, Vice-Chairman of the Association of Russian diplomats Andrey Baklanov said Monday in an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow.

“President al-Assad entered history by preserving Syria’s independence and its own national decision, along with preventing it from falling into the trap of conspiracies that were hatched against it, as happened in some countries of the region”, Baklanov added.

In a similar interview, Head of the ICIS of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia and member of Council on Foreign and Defense Policy in Russia, Ambassador Alexander Kramarenko, said “President al-Assad’s visit to Beijing indicates that this trend, which was also confirmed by the strengthening of relations between Beijing and Tehran, as well as the tripartite naval maneuvers between China, Iran, and Russia, show that the dominance of the US in the Middle East has passed and the stage of building new relations that are more just, equitable, and beneficial to all countries of the region has begun.

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