Syrians and Russians raise an outcry over terrorism in Syria

Moscow, SANA – In a new event showing solidarity with the homeland, Syrian expatriates in Russia gathered outside their country’s Embassy in Moscow and lit candles mourning the victims of the terrorist acts.

The event, which took place on Thursday, also saw the participation of many Russians who came to show support for their Syrian friends against the terrorist war visited upon their fellow brothers back home.

The Syrians spoke out loud in condemnation of the unprecedented barbaric crimes which the terrorist organizations, formed, sponsored and backed by foreign sides, inflict upon all of the Syrian people indiscriminately since the start of the war in 2011.

They cited the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey on the top of the list of regional and international sides which have waged the war to debilitate the Syrian state within a long-premeditated scheme that targets the entire Middle East region.

“The US, through its right hand ISIS, seeks to sow discord and kill the Syrians no matter their religion, sect or race,” said Fayez Hawaleh in a statement to SANA, referring to the terrorist organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria-also known as IS-which has ravaged areas in northeastern Syria and Iraq as well since last year.

Hundreds of Syrians have fallen victim to ISIS’s unspeakable brutality, being killed, slaughtered,
decapitated, kidnapped and crucified.

Even holy sites and worship places, including mosques and churches, were not spared the terrorists’ barbarity, with all these crimes being committed not only under the eyes of the international community, but often in connivance with several known countries.

The abovementioned countries have provided all facilitations to ISIS and other terrorist organizations, including the Security Council-listed Jabhat al-Nusra, to enter Syria and perpetrate these crimes. These facilitations ranged between harboring, training, funding and arming with all types of heavy weaponry.

“Neither the terrorists nor their backers will pass. They will be stamped,” Hawaleh added.

The Russian participants in the event, in turn, voiced their solidarity with Syria, stressing that “It’s time that the acts of genocide committed by the terrorist groups in Syria were stopped.”

“We will continue to speak out for Syria until the whole world listens,” they said.

Haifa Said

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