Zaki: Several Arab understandings on group of issues during Jeddah meetings

Jeddah, SANA- Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League, Hossam Zaki, has stressed that the consensus during the Ministerial preparatory meeting was the most prominent feature on all decisions which were submitted to Jeddah Summit due to on Friday.

Zaki pointed out, in a press statement, to that there are several Arab understandings on a group of significant issues.

He Indicated that the meeting touched upon several topics most of them are political ones, related to the Palestinian Cause and latest developments in the areas of crisis and foreign intervention in the Arab Countries affairs, in addition to adopting a set of decisions submitted by the Economic and Social Council

The Arab League Assistant Secretary-General said that Syria’s return to the meetings of the Arab League is a new stage of dealing with the situation in Syria, calling for a tangible Arab contribution to restore security and stability in this Arab country and assist it to tackle all problems facing it due to the previous stage.

Zaki stressed that the Palestinian cause in a main axis of the entire the Arab situation, expressing Arab condemnation of the Israeli occupation practices in Palestine.

He expressed continued Arab political support to Palestine.

 The Arab League Chief concluded by expressing the hope that the decisions of the Arab summit constitute an impetus to the Arab action and an attempt to contribute to settling the standing disputes and alleviate their impacts.

Hala Zain

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