People’s Assembly discusses performance of Electricity Ministry

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly on Tuesday discussed the performance of the Electricity Ministry and its efforts to ensure that power is available in all areas and to limit the repercussions of terrorist attacks on power sector components.

Electricity Minister Imad Khamis reviewed the Ministry’s administrative and technical work for repairing damage caused by terrorists to the power grid and maintaining the readiness of the grid, underlining the efforts made by the Petroleum Ministry and other establishments to provide fuel for power stations.

He pointed out to the recurring terrorist attacks on gas lines feeding power stations, most recent of which took place a few days ago in the southern region, noting that power stations produce 1,500-2,500 megawatts per day, while Syria’s energy needs before the crisis was around 9,000.

Khamis said that the power grid’s components are in good working order, but the main problem is the shortage of fuel for power stations, adding that rationing hours are affected by which line is connected to vital facilities, and that work is underway to put these facilities on their own lines to ensure justice in rationing.

He said that brining the Aleppo thermal station online on Tuesday morning will help improve the state of electric power in the city, and that a new mechanism for delivering power to Hasaka city has been devised and will be put into effect as of Wednesday, adding that repairs to high-voltage power lines feeding Quneitra province were completed on Monday, and power will be back to normal there.

The members’ comments and queries focused on the need to achieved just and balanced rationing hours among all areas, and improving the living conditions of the power sector workers.

They also suggested employing alternative energy sources such as wind power and solar energy.

In response to some of the queries, Minister Khamis pointed out that it’s difficult to secure power grids completely or transport them to safe areas as the grid covers all of the country and extends for around 165,000 kilometers, adding that the Ministry finished legislations on investing in renewable and alternative energy sources, but implementing projects related to these sources on the ground is subject to the circumstances created by the crisis.

Hazem Sabbagh

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