President al-Assad receives President of the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad received Thursday President of the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq Judge Dr. Faeq Zaidan.

Both sides discussed the bilateral relations binding Syria and Iraq, and the challenges facing the two countries in various fields, especially in the security field with the aim of combating terrorism targeting both states.

Both parties also discussed joint judicial and legal cooperation, with President al-Assad affirming that the judiciary is the balance of any state and the basis of its justice and stability, therefore cooperation in this field will be reflected in the security and stability of the two countries.

Zaiden noted that what the Iraqi and Syrian people have faced over the past years requires the two countries to raise the level of cooperation to its highest in various fields, especially those that enhance the security and stability.
Zaidan stressed the need to exchange expertise to deepen the experience of the two countries in the judicial field.

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