American writer: US forces continue to occupy parts of Syrian territory to achieve domination and wealth control

Washington, SANA- The American writer Jon Reynolds said that the real reasons behind the United States keeping its illegal occupation forces in Syria are not at all related to the lie of combating Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization as Washington claims, nor related to the latter’s alleged concern for security and freedoms, but rather directly due to the American tendency to global domination and major colonial plans and control of wealth.

“Nearly a decade since US forces officially entered Syria and ISIS is still America’s reason for staying? How is this possible after numerous assurances from US officials – including a US president – that ISIS has been defeated? Why has every American president from Obama to Trump to Biden launched airstrikes inside the country? Is the US mission in Syria actually about fighting terrorism, or does it go deeper? And most puzzling, why the hell is the US occupying Syria,” Reynolds said in an article posted in the American Website Antiwar.

“Breaking numerous promises to the contrary, President Obama announced in late 2015 that the US would be deploying troops into Syria to “fight ISIS”. The number started with 50, which soon became 250. In October 2017, a US general said there are 4,000 troops in Syria, and two months later, the Pentagon put the number at 2,000. As of this article’s publication, the consensus seems to be 900 US troops, although there’s reason to suspect the number may actually be higher or lower. Regardless, US forces have occupied parts of Syria now for almost a decade. But why?” he added.

He noted that later, President Donald Trump announced in March 2019 that Daesh organization has been eliminated, so that the US administration quickly promoted the process of controlling the Syrian oil fields, which means that even if the Daesh was eliminated, the United States will continue its occupation of parts of Syria under the pretext of preventing the return of terrorists, which is an obsolete pretext previously used by the US to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan.

The writer said “Despite promising a withdrawal of US troops, President Trump flip-flopped on the issue in late 2019 and ordered “hundreds of additional troops and armored vehicles” into Syria to guard the Deir Ezzor oil fields.”

He indicated that the US continues to loot and steal Syrian oil until the moment, and the oil company (Delta Crescent) was formed for this purpose.

Reynolds explained that one of the main reasons why the US continues to occupy parts of Syrian territory is simply the hostile foreign policy that Washington has pursued for many years towards Syria, its interference in other countries and its attempts to change regimes in it to implement its own agendas and interests, and this is what prompted it to finance and train armed terrorist groups.

Shaza Qreima


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