Shaaban: Damascus is open to relations with all Arab countries

Moscow, SANA- The earthquake disaster proved that the terrorist war waged against the Syrian people has not affected their coexistence, belonging and compassion, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic has affirmed.

In an interview to Russia Today T.V. Channel, Shaaban noted that there is a positive Arab rapprochement towards Syria, and Damascus is open to relations with all Arab countries.

“President al-Assad still believes in good relations with the Arab countries, given that the fate of Arabs is common,” Shaaban said.

She added that the earthquake which has jolted Syria recently proved that the terrorist war which dragged on for 12 years hasn’t affected the coexistence of the Syrian people.

Shaaban elaborated that most of the Arab countries rushed to support Syria after the earthquake and on the international level, Syria’s allies have sent aid to help address the effects of this disaster, in a time when the West  hasn’t done anything in this humanitarian test while they claim that they are keen on human rights.

Regarding the delivery of aid to those affected by the earthquake in areas outside the control of the state in Idleb, Dr. Shaaban stated that the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, in cooperation with the International Red Cross, has tried to deliver aid to Idleb, but the terrorists and militants there refused.

Dr. Shaaban indicated that the reconstruction after the earthquake disaster has become more difficult due to the scale of the destruction and the tens of thousands of affected people, but at the same time it becomes easier if the Arabs and friends continue to defy the American measures and support Syria.

Shaaban pointed out that the presence of the US forces in Syria is illegal, and they are working to loot the resources of the Syrian people and loot Syrian oil and wheat.

She added that one of the priorities of the US presence in that region is to prevent communication between Arabs by cutting the borders between Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

Regarding the Ukrainian crisis, Dr. Shaaban renewed Syria’s support for Russia and its right to guarantee its security and territorial integrity.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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