UAE calls for intensifying international humanitarian response in Syria to address quake effects

New York, SANA- Deputy Permanent Representative of the UAE to the United Nations, Mohammad Abu Shehab, stressed the need to intensify the international humanitarian response in Syria in all appropriate ways and in an urgent manner to reach all those affected by the earthquake.

Abu Shehab’s comments came during a session of the Security Council on Tuesday on the humanitarian and political affairs in Syria.

He added that his country has been keen to send relief and humanitarian aid, rescue teams and medical teams in response to the call of Syria and the United Nations.

The Emirati diplomat said that during these difficult circumstances, an international support has been provided to Syria over the past period, on top by the Arab countries which affirms the necessity of restoring Syria’s position in the Arab World.

Abu Shehab pointed out that the UAE was keen to respond to these humanitarian conditions in line with the principles of its foreign policy in providing relief to the affected-people.

The deputy representative of the UAE stressed the need to speed up the removal of rubble and start the early recovery phase in all areas affected by the earthquake, which suffer from a massive shortage of basic services and the lack of shelter for those affected.

He hailed the efforts of the United Nations agencies in supporting early recovery projects, underlining importance of focusing on the affected areas.

Abu Shehab warned against the terrorist groups which are exploiting the conditions resulting from the earthquake to achieve their goals as these groups obstructed the passage of aid across the borders to achieve limited gains at the expense of the Syrian people.

He stressed the UAE’s total categorical rejection of these practices, as they represent a dangerous exploitation of the current disaster.

The deputy representative of the UAE expressed his country’s concern about the increasing kidnappings and killings by terrorist organization of Daesh (ISIS) in Syria over the past weeks, and its condemnation of the terrorist attack launched by the organization on the eastern countryside of Homs, which led to the death of 53 people, which indicates its reckless exploitation of the disaster.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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