Egyptian National Progressive Unionist Party calls for lifting unjust siege imposed on Syria

Cairo, SANA- The Egyptian National Progressive Unionist Party voiced its solidarity with Syria and its support for it after the devastating earthquake that hit the country last Monday, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries, calling for lifting the unjust siege imposed on it.

“We stand by the brotherly country of Syria in the face of the unjust US-Western blockade imposed on it and the devastating earthquake that jolted it, causing many human tragedies,” the party said in statements to SANA

The party appealed to the Arab brothers, countries, peoples and communities all over the world to extend help to the affected families and to express their solidarity with their Syrian brothers after this natural disaster.

The party also called on all honorable and free people in the world to express their humanitarian solidarity with the Syrian people and give away the policies of collective punishment that is being legitimized by the US.

Bushra Dabin/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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