Al-Shurta team for Equestrian Archery qualifies for World Cup finals

Johannesburg, SANA- Syrian al-Shurtah equestrian archery team has qualified for the World Cup finals by wining second place in the qualifying games within the Group B, which was held in South Africa.

The Saudi team won the first place, al-Shurtah team came second and Kuwaiti team ranked third, and the three teams have been qualified for the next finals.

The group 2 included South Africa, Jordan, Pakistan, Qatar, Egypt, UAE , Yemen , Palestine in addition to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Syria.

Head of al-Shurta Equestrian Club, Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Al-Masri, told SANA reporter that the competition was strong as more than 40 knights competed for three days.

The Syrian team included Ahmad al-Masri, Waleed Khawajikah, Shorouq al-Masri , led by Head of al-Shurta Equestrian Club.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Hala Zain

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