Ballerina Nazek al-Ali spreads love and joy, eases war negative impacts through her talent

Damascus, SANA-  Through her passion for Ballet dance, she has conveyed a message of love and joy that eases the negative impacts of the war waged against her country, ballerina Nazek al-Ali, from Hasaka Province, made her way into the world of dance with her body flexibility, vitality, the beauty of her movements and the accuracy of her gestures.

Nazek acquired the talent for ballet dance from early childhood in conjunction with her learning of taekwondo. She travelled from Hasaka to Damascus and that was a starting point for achieving her dream of mastering the classical ballet dance.

Nazek told SANA that her main goal is to spread the culture of joy through art, adding that she had drawn a path of success for herself through determination and challenge to spread this art in her community and she has worked hard to train young children on ballet dance and to spread it in areas of Hasaka and Qamishli.

She says that she has succeeded in attracting more than 40 children to train them and teach them the art of ballet dance by holding free courses in this field and helping those who want to practice it.

During her speech, Nazek recalled joining the dance teams in Damascus in 2018 where she performed a variety of dance shows at al-Hamra Theater in Damascus and the Opera Theater at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts and took the starring role in more than one show.

After that, she performed shows with local dance theater groups, in which there were many types of dance, starting with ballet, folk and contemporary. She also presented a special dance show directed and designed by her, and she has performed many other shows on the theaters of Aleppo, Damascus and Hasaka.

“No matter what happens because of the unjust war and what the coronavirus pandemic has left, we must not give up, and we must put a smile on people’s faces and always there is the nicest and the best,” Nazek says.

She adds that during the coronavirus quarantine period, she had worked to embody pain through dancing shows in the streets of Hasaka to say, “Here we are reborn and creating from the suffering a smile of hope and love.”

As for the relationship between music and dance, Nazek described it as the body’s connection with the soul, where body movements blend with the music that accompanies it.

She notes that ballet art is an expressive drama that tells stories and meanings in the form of a theatrical performance based on expressive dance techniques, accompanied by music and gestures to communicate a particular message to the audience.

She concludes with a message to every woman by saying: “I advise every woman to follow her dreams and do what she loves, because life without love is a dreary life, and to trust herself and enjoy a great determination to accomplish what she loves.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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