American magazine: The US is run by a shadow government, its president has cognitive problems

Washington, SANA-American Thinker magazine considered that the actions of US President Joe Biden clearly indicate the existence of a shadow government running the United States.

In an article by commentator Brian Camenker , the magazine said that Biden usually forgets names, suffers from “obvious dementia”, and cannot independently sign “dozens of decrees in the country,” describing these decrees as “too extreme, causing devastating inflation, immigration and energy crises and terrorizing American citizens.”.”

Camenker saw that the billionaire George Soros is running the United States through the networks of his organizations, describing the cadres of its institutions as “very smart and experienced, and they hate America.”

He added “Biden became president thanks to a large-scale coordinated effort using billions of dollars, the most powerful American companies and political organizations.”

Camenker considered that the lessons learned from what is currently happening indicate that all Americans are riding a train that rushes them to the hell.

And Congresswoman Claudia Teni considered in an interview with Fox News that the United States is run by a “shadow government”, and its president, Joe Biden, suffers from serious cognitive problems, and once he lost his way to get off the stand, describing Biden as he is incompetent and cannot do the most important job in the country, and must be given a cognitive test to prove his ability to perform his duties as President of the United States.

The US President Joe Biden, who will turn eighty this year, is the oldest president of the United States in history, and many criticize him, citing slips and repeated mistakes.

It should be noted that among the many lapses Biden committed was his request in late September about Congresswoman Jackie Valorsky, who died in a car accident a month ago, asking her to present herself at a conference that held in Washington.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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