International musician Guy Manoukian spreads joy at Damascus Opera House

Damascus, SANA-  International musician Guy Manoukian has delighted the ears of the audience at the Opera House at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts as they interacted with his charming music through giving him a wild round of applause.

Manoukian fingers were moving gracefully from one key to another spreading joy among the audience during the party which was held under the auspices of Syriatel mobile telecom company and organized by Zuma corporation.

“When I visit Syria…from the first moment…I feel as if I am in my country, Lebanon,” Manoukian said.

Manoukian entertained his fans with songs that they memorized and considered common between Lebanon and Syria and they were engraved in their minds.

From time to time, the artist revealed to his fans his secrets and what was on his mind, and introduced them to his family and his concert companions, and told them his stories before each song that shaped his childhood and adolescence until he became a father, and recounted small details that he collected with his only daughter and then.

Manoukian is known for presenting creative and distinguished concerts in the world, in an effort to support sophisticated art with a purposeful message, and a commitment to activating the role of events that contribute to the development of the cultural situation among the Syrian society, especially those who love and connoisseurs of this type of art.

It is noteworthy that Guy Manoukian is one of the most famous Lebanese musicians, and he began playing the piano before he was four years old, where he was trained by the best music teachers in Lebanon. At the age of six he was a guest for the first time on Lebanese television, and one year later he gave a concert at the Presidential Palace.

When Manoukian was eight years old, he won the first prize in his life for a musical piece he composed. During his primary studies, he joined the musical activity, where he regularly participated in school concerts. At the age of sixteen, he performed his first solo concerts, and in 1997 he became a professional musician.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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