Local administration council elections start Sunday

Damascus, SANA- Elections of the local administration’s councils start tomorrow at 7 o’clock across all Syrian provinces.

The number of polling stations has reached 7348 with an increase of about 1200 centers from 2018 elections with the aim of facilitating the electoral process.

59498 Candidates are competing for 19086 seats in the administrative units in the Syrian provinces.

Head of the Supreme Judicial Committee for elections, Judge Counselor, Jihad Murad, announced Saturday as a day of “election silence”.

Elections start from 7,00 am till 7,00 pm, Judge Murad said, noting that the Supreme Judicial Committee may extend the voting period for 5 additional hours.

Syria includes 1,470 administrative units across 14 provinces, 158 cities, 572 towns and 726 municipalities.

Kinda al-Mahmoud/ Hala Zain

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